Horvath and Hoekstra crowned Champions of the German Long Drive Championship 2019

The clock showed 20 seconds remaining time, the basses roared, the spectators cheered - Robin Horvath and James Brosnan chased their balls simultaneously far into the sky above the GolfCity Cologne Pulheim. The last moments of the GRAND FINAL of the German Long Drive Championship 2019 were probably the loudest. Impressive drives concluded a spectacular weekend. It was the expected season highlight, and it did not disappoint.

Next to the tea-boxes the competitors celebrated on the stands, the music became loud one last time. Twice more the sound of the drivers echoed over the entire course, then it was clear who had come out on top: Robin Horvath triumphed in the most important competition of the German long driving scene with 330 meters (360.1 yards). "Unbelievable. This is a final that I did not expect this morning. I had a bad start, yesterday and also today. Then I changed a few things - and it worked. This is the highlight of my career so far," said Horvath, who celebrated his title with a powerful champagne shower in his famous Hulk pose.

"I have never been to the USA"

The second placed Brosnan was not annoyed for too long. His entry into the final secured the Englishman a ticket to the World Long Drive Championship in Oklahoma, USA at the end of the month. "I've never been to the USA before and I never expected to go there until this weekend. I am beside myself with joy. And who knows, if things continue to go well, maybe I'll get a shot at the World Long Drive Championship." 

Horvath has a similar view, who had already booked his ticket through the REGULAR SEASON to the World Long Drive Championship. "I need to do better in the US than I did here. And then I certainly consider myself competitve enough for the knockout duels," said Horvath, who because of his hungarian roots and his love for green outfits goes as "Hungarian Hulk". Vincent Palm finished in 3rd. 

In the women's competition, Lotte Hoekstra triumphed with 268 meters (282 yards) in a very tight final. Finishing first after a thrilling playoff with 16 instead of eight drives ahead of Patricia Klemm. Theresa Reil was happy about third place.