GLDC 2020


In 2020, the German Long Drive Championship will once again live up to its expectations.

The GRAND FINAL welcomes Europe’s Long Driving Elite

We are looking forward to Drives of 400+ yards, crazy spectators and an unforgettable event!

Regular Season

2020 REGULAR SEASON cancelled by the German Long Drive Championship due to the ongoing Corona crisis

The GRAND FINAL will open its doors on August 15th & 16th 2020 at GolfCity Cologne Pulheim.

Your Drives - Your Support - Your Event


Highlight of the 2020 GLDC Season

For the second year running the GRAND FINAL of the German Long Drive Championship will be staged at GolfCity Cologne Pulheim. Once again being the highlight of the GLDC series. 

The German Long Drive Championship provides the ideal platform for ambitious long drivers to prove their skills – regardless of age, long drive status or gender.

Staged only 20 minutes from Colognes Cathedral, the German Long Drive Championship clears all biases and sets the stage for a sportive challenging competition. Participants as well as Spectators are in for an emotional rollercoaster ride. 


1Mario Fuchs
2Philipp Haas
3Kristin Lorenz
4Ann-Kathrin Kostal
5Silke Oldenburg
6Coen van Aartsen
7Markus Schleicher
8Vanessa Simon
9Lotte Hoekstra
10Florian Wulf
11Nicolas Stevenson
12Martin Dencker
13Mark Weidlich
14Thomas Jandke
15Andreas Binder
16Luca Dacco
17Enzo Dacco
18Bradley Geiger